What Is Repufy?

Repufy is an online Copyright Enforcement and content removal service that employs web crawling tech with AI enhancements to monitor and locate problematic unauthorised use of your work and materials. Our advanced capabilities allow us to effectively monitor and safeguard your online assets such as copyrighted content, brand reputation, Social Accounts, intellectual property and media/articles.
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How can Repufy Benefit you?

Repufy acts as an insurance policy for Online Brands, Creators, CEOs or Corporations who are wanting to protect their online reputation and copyrighted Work. Through unparalleled safeguard, removal and brand reputation services, Repufy is here to ensure that your work remains under your control. Our team of experts utilise our proprietary advanced web scraping technology and results-driven strategies to protect your assets, your brand, your revenue and ultimately help you maintain an online reputation that is the best reflection of you.

Repufy invites you to jump on a discovery call or submit a form today and one of our trained professionals can assist you further!
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1. Am I eligible to use Repufy ?

If you have any legal matter regarding and not limited too Stolen Copyrighted content, IP Assets, Impersonating accounts, Negative Media, Repufy can help you!
Select a service from our website that suits your current requirements or message our team to jump on a discovery call and a Repufy agent will point you in the right direction!
Unfortunately some websites and landing pages (such as torrent sites) are unresponsive, therefore makes it impossible to communicate DMCA/Cease & Desist notices and have host sites that follow suit. Our trained team of professionals find other methods of contact/removal and continue to pursue these for our clients. We also have a Copyright Attorney and in house Law Firm that offer a plethora of support and legal aid.
Due to our strong relationship with a large number of sites, forums etc. Our services can be effective within as little as 4 hrs from notices being sent! However some removals can take up to 14+ days.